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Spirituality Board ❤️Universal Power❤️ Getting Noticed & Going Viral on Pinterest.

Hello and welcome to my blog post… Throughout the year, and still now as you read the words on this blog, a massive ecosystem of energy is flowing through and around us from all angles. In this year of global awakening – where we start to see a shift in global consciousness – this energy is directly influencing your emotions, dictating your desire and having a profound effect on your life in more ways than you can possibly imagine. This has been proven over and over by scientists, professors, energy healers, parapsychologists, and all the great minds, leaders and pioneers on Chakra, Energy, Ether, and Energy Ecosystems.

I found this very intriguing and pretty profound to say the least. This is where I came up with the neat idea of starting a Pinterest board on all things to do with our Universe and Mother Nature. Things such as: Energy, Ether, Chakra, Law of Attraction, as well as the other 11 Laws of the Universe, Solar Systems, Galaxies, Oceans, Fire, Ice, Rocks, Minerals, Planets, Stars, Saints, Angels, Animals, Spirituality, Quantum Physics, Science, Meditation, Yoga, Buddha, Tibetan, Feng Shui, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki and much much more… After all we are all one through matter, atoms and energy so why not create a board and invite other pinners to share their content and powerful information on all of the above and feed off each other’s positive energy. Such powerful information from all the best pioneers and leaders in the history of the world, such as, Jesus, Plato, Socrates, Emerson, Deepak Chopra, Abraham, Tony Robbins, Dalai Lama, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Miceal Bernard Beckwith, Panache Desai, Wayne Dyer, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, just to name a few.

The outcome is actually pretty astonishing: After only 6 months since I created the board, it manifested and attracted over 2150 pinners from all over the world. Pinners from multiple different countries that have manifested themselves to this board for whatever personal reason sharing some super powerful content. Content and strong messages that actually has changed my life in so many ways. WOW! Who would of thought that in such a short amount of time, this board would take off like that. The board currently gets over 200 pins on a daily basis. Actually yesterday we just reached 15,000 pins which is pretty impressive. Very exciting stuff to say the least. This has really put a smile on my face.  The amount of emails and inboxes I get from people saying, “Thank you Michael for the invite, I’m absolutely loving your board” has been non stop. That is such a great feeling, when you know that you created something that delivers such great value to others, all of which are helping each other out, trying to make this world a better place. 😊

I have to admit, I’m a Pinterest maniac. It’s by far my favorite social media platform on the internet. It’s my place where I come each and every day to release all my thoughts and feelings onto boards that I absolutely love. What better way to express your feelings then by pinning photos. So far, it’s been an awesome experience. Feel free to visit our board anytime by clicking on the link below and follow it. Once you ‘Follow’ the board, someone will eventually send you an invite to hop on board the amazing ride to happiness, spirituality, zen, morality, love and a better way of living. Until then my friends, Namaste! Check out some of the great pins from the board below…

Click Here To Visit Board On Pinterest —-> ❤️Universal Power❤️

~ God Bless ~

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Grand Opening Online Estate Sale Auction on Monday 4/11/16 in Secaucus, NJ

Welcome New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania Antique Dealers, Thrift Shop Owners, Collectors, Consumers, Buyers, and Treasure Pickers. Grand Opening Online Estate Sale Auction on Monday 4/11/16 in Secaucus, NJ. We’ll be running our 1st 4-day online estate sale auction from 4/11/16 – 4/14/16 with many more to follow. This is our ‘FIRST ONLINE ESTATE SALE AUCTION!’ All items being sold here are from a clean-out that we recently performed. There is a variety of different items being auctioned off in this auction, such as, vintage comic books, collectibles, electronics, vintage clothing, brand name clothing, antiques, car accessories, ceramics, artwork, beautiful trinkets, brand new collector’s die-cast cars, world-famous photographer Peter Lik’s famous photo of ‘Deep Blue’ in Oregon, USA and regular household items. We’re starting off with a small 50-lot auction to get the ball rolling but all following auctions will have many more lots and much more valuable and unique items.

Most lots to start at $5.00 with four newly acquired estate sales that’ll be auctioned off online to immediately follow in Kew Garden Hills Queens NY, Wayne Hills NJ, West Milford NJ, and North Brunswick NJ. Very unique and valuable items such as 18th Century Chippendale Gild Mirror, 18th century grandfather clock, 1903 Leonard Detroit grand piano in excellent condition, 18th century Southeast Asian Mandarin gold threads and needle works, beautiful vintage Chatta 1947 fire hydrant, Tiffany bronze Eutrope Bouret statue, oil paintings from several famous artists, brass lamps, and Mid-Century Danish furniture just to name a few. Please visit our Facebook Fan Page for photos and more detailed information: ‘Facebook Fan Page

Auctions will be held once a month to start, with an end goal of four a month by years end. Go to our website now and click on ‘Upcoming Auctions‘ to view the items being gaveled off.

1. Please signup for our ‘Newsletter‘ for all auction updates by clicking on the ‘Auction Alert’ tab on the home page of the website and enter in your email.
2. Please Register on the website to be able to bid on any items. Registration is very easy and only takes 1 minute to do. Just click on the ‘Register‘ tab in the left column of the home page and follow the two simple steps. All information (phone number & email) is encrypted and kept private.
3. Please visit our ‘FAQ Page‘ on the site under the ‘Company Info’ tab for more detailed information on how the auctions will be run.

Any questions, please feel free to email us directly at: or call us at our office at (551) 574-1888

All The Best,

Owner & Auction Specialist

Just a few of the items being auctioned off are shown below:

Yard Sign




IMG_2859 (1)















Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.23.06 PM