~ Services ~


First off, we schedule an appointment with you for an in-house evaluation and walk-through. Then after deciding which item(s) you want us to sell for you, we itemize your items on a consignment agreement form and take the item(s) back to our warehouse where all items are fully cleaned before being professionally photographed. We research each item and provide a general value range through LiveAuctioneers.com and eBay.com and write a highly detailed description. *Note – You can provide us with your own descriptions if there is something specific you would like to add to the listing, which we recommend that you do. The more detailed the description, the much better chance your item will sell at a higher price. Your item(s) will then be featured on our websites, directly through our social media networks and even emailed to existing buyers who have expressed interest in what you are selling. Many of your items may not even need to be auction off, do to the fact that we have a large database of buyers that are always looking for unique items to buy. To sum it up, we’ll stop by, pick up your item(s), handle all the customer service that comes with it and take care of the rest. The easiest way to get rid of your “Valuable Items” and make sure you get top market value for your items! Lastly, we’ll provide you with an itemized invoice of all items sold with the final sale price along with our fees and write you a check for the remainder. Please note that although we always try to get top market value for your items, this volatile market of antiques and collectibles is forever changing. Unless there’s no rush in selling your items, your items are worth what a buyer is willing to pay for them, at the time we’re trying to sell them. This is called “Fair Market Value.” This will be discussed in more detail during our initial sit down.

Online Estate Sale Auction

This is another good option and one to really consider. We provide a service of performing an estate sale via a 4-day online auction by using cutting edge technology and business, while providing a professional option to the traditional estate sale or the auction process. We use our growing database of local buyers, social media, as well as, utilize our affiliates expert advice to maximize values & increase your visibility, at the same time providing you with transparency & security. Reason being is, it eliminates all the hassle of hundreds of people stampeding in and out of your house low-balling you on your items, as well as eliminating the threat of items being stolen while performing the estate sale. Not only that, but local on-site estate sales only bring out local buyers (weather permitting), whereas, an online estate sale auction markets to thousands of potential regional buyers no matter what the weather is like. Great way to sell your items fast and hassle-free. Please visit our newly designed online estate auction website for more detailed information. Click on the “Company Info” tab and read the “Frequently Asked Questions”: NJEstateSaleAuctions.com


We offer a full service of cleaning out attics, basements, closets, garages, and sheds, to help get rid of clutter, and assist you on emptying out the contents of your estate.  In most cases, cleanouts will be consigned over to one of our reparable affiliate’s auction houses where everything will be auction off within a 60-day time period. This and all other options will be discussed during our preliminary meeting. Please keep in mind, when performing a cleanout, we only consign marketable items that we feel with sell in today’s market.


We can have your valuable item(s) professionally appraised through several of the top appraisers that we’re affiliated with. This service is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for high valuable items! Items that have been appraised and authenticated, always auction off for a much higher value, especially when it comes to sports memorabilia, coins, stamps, comic books, autographed items, vintage authentic jewelry, artwork and valuable watches. When these sort of items are authenticated or graded, the collector knows what they’re getting and in almost all cases, will always bid much higher. Appraisal pricing varies, depending on the item(s) that is being appraised and will be discussed at the preliminary visit and walk-through. The personal property appraisers for antiques and collectibles that we’re affiliated with are all ASA (American Society of Appraisers) accredited.

Commissions & Fees

Our commission scale applies to consigned items sold to private collectors, through online auctions via NJEstateSaleAuctions.com or any other auction house that we’re affiliated with or at an estate sale we perform for you. This is a flexible commission scale with no other hidden fees. The fees are based on all the hard work that goes into consigning your items and trying to get top market value for each and every item. Commission is based on Final Sale Price. All fees will be discussed during our preliminary meeting. Each estate and situation is different in most cases so fees and commissions may vary. Our customers always tell us that our fees are very fair.

Very Important

> If an item does not sell at the first auction, you can either take the item back or have us advertise it more, and auction it off at the next auction. We run auctions and estate sales every other month, so they’ll be other opportunities for it to sell. We normally sell all items within a 60 day time frame.

> ‘Reserve Pricing’ is an ‘Auction Style Listing’ that sets a minimum price the ‘Buyer’ needs to meet in order for the item to sell. This price is normally set by the seller the day of our initial meeting and walk-through. Any items that you want a reserve price on, MUST be stated at the time of the pickup and documented on the consignment agreement form. Please keep in mind, although setting a ‘Reserve Price’ on an item will protect it from selling at a lower price, it does in fact, scare off many interested buyers.